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True art touches the soul. This is a core belief of mine when it comes to my profession. I draw on my deepest values for inspiration – on Judaism and its profound depth.  Its beauty almost draws itself onto my canvas, and my parchment.

Life’s beating pulse is a sweeping brushstroke of color on page. As a Jerusalemite, I find that the city’s picturesque vistas strum on my soul, eliciting the powerful yearning that lies within us all.

It is my deepest desire to create a connection between that visceral internal longing and the colorful beat of life in Jerusalem that will play out on my canvas.

I was trained in my formative years, working under renowned artist, Sylvia Bar-Am – a winner of the Israel Prize for Art.  I credit the honing of my technical skills as an artist to my interactions with her, but beyond that – I absorbed Bar-Am’s passion for expressing the truth through art.

With time, I branched out and my expertise expanded under the tutelage of other famous artists, such as Chasya Leshinsky, Binyamin Bustiker and Penina Frank. Perhaps my most important professional relationship, however, is the one I have with internationally renowned artist, Yitzchok Holtz, who continues to influence the direction I take in the world of Art.

I deeply relate to the art created by Leonid Balaklav. From him I learned how to tap into one’s inner truth, and it is this truth that I bring to my artwork.

In addition to my oil paintings of the Holy Land and Jerusalem, I also create parchment sketches that bring biblical and authentic Jewish scenes to life. Sometimes, I enhance these pieces with biblical verses and Jewish prayers. These parchment sketches combine various artistic techniques such as ink, watercolor and charcoal sketches, including gilding with 23.5 carat gold leaves. 

Apart from my original art, I also produce mixed-media creations using special giclée-style printing on special handmade Indian paper. Every mixed-media piece of art is lovingly nurtured with color touch-ups and gilding.

Above all else, my art is driven by the desire to express the soul’s inner yearning and its greatest desires, through color and ink.

Brachi Horen’s artwork can be found
in prominent galleries and art collections:


Art and Soul


Matsart - 21 King David St

As well as in eminent collections, throughout the world.

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